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chapter VIII

anticosti island 1.jpg


Anticosti Island



Time:  Continuous Timeline

Locale:  Anticosti Island, Quebec


With the help of Jerrod propelling behind him, Rohardoon, in an altered state of being an ‘Origami Crane,’ willed himself flying against the strong, sharp, shearing wind, flew 16 hours,  almost 6,000 miles, non-stop, with Cassandra and Catherine on his back, heading for the Anticosti Island.


At almost four fifths of their journey, they passed Montreal, from then on, they could use the St. Lawrence river to reach the Crystal Reefs at the outskirt of Anticosti Island.

When they arrived at the destination, the defense mechanism had already begun, all kinds of deep-sea crabs, recruited by the Old Man, had covered the reefs' outer crust for protection.


Three giant crabs immediately took their bubble inside and settled them in a crystal unit that contained the Sarcophagus.

It was the first time Catherine and Cassandra seeing it, it looked like a rectangular stone Cistern with no feature showing any supernatural capability.

Cassandra put the Old Man's Inner crystal decoction into it, the crystal immediately dissolved into the stone. The Old Man wanted them to put Rohardoon into it too, he was really in bad shape.

Then this crystal unit was severed from the reefs, and carried away by 6 giant crabs, and followed by a legion of giant crabs, they left the reefs and disappeared into the darkness.



Then the Crystal Reefs was left alone, but the outer crust was entirely crawled with all kinds of large and small crabs, to defend for themselves. They seemed mentally prepared for an upcoming war between life and death.


Jerome sent a troop of thousands of deep-sea giant Octopuses to destroy the reefs.


All cabs put on a fierce fight, their pincers scissored off hundreds of tentacles, beaks, eyeballs, and suction rings.


But in the end, they were outnumbered, and the Crystal Reefs were dismantled unit by unit.

All the sea creatures that the Old Man had preserved in his Crystal Ark, now slaughtered.


The ultimate purpose for the Octopuses was to take all the crystal units back to the bottom of the Antarctic Sea, because the crystal was harvested from their spacecraft's building material, and it had never been discovered by the human beings.

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