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The Fantabulous Nanomorphique Adventure of  M Hardoon Rotman

This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

by  Author - PJ  Chuz

When Harry Potter meets X–File !

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When Harry Potter meets X–File!

Plot Spoiler


The whole and nothing but the true story of “The Fantabulous Nanomorphique Adventure of M Hardoon Rotman” came into existence when the two worlds of the Magic and the Outer Space Beings collided together.

Musée Pellemet, a world-renowned museum in Paris for its massive Asiatic artifacts collections, was currently holding a Chinese Jade Exhibition. But right on the opening day, after it was closed for the day, a break-in happened by three Ninja warriors who stole two art pieces and also kidnapped a 10 year old girl, Cassandra Law, daughter of the Museum’s Resident Archeologist, Dr. Catherine Denver.


This incident was described in the official police report as a simple robbery and kidnapping case by some mysterious ninjas.

But according to Dr. Denver, her daughter wasn’t kidnapped by three ninjas, she herself witnessed the whole events as it happened, and she was sure that her daughter was taken away by an invisible man!


Dr. Denver was totally appalled by the unwillingness of the police, to believe the truth! If the invisible man was not the target of the police investigation, as far as anyone can see, how could she ever get her daughter back!


That night, there were also several reports from the surrounding residents of the museum that a Horseshoe Crab shaped flying ship was spotted before it disappeared into the night sky.


Who was this invisible man? What were those two art pieces that were stolen? Where was Cassandra now?


In search of the truth of this mysterious case, the story expanded over several continents, began at Paris, it went to Canada Quebec’s Montreal and Anticosti Island; and then, from there, it leaped to Mesoamerica’s Mayan Jungle.


Over there, situation between life and death happened, at the end, a Mayan ball game was held at the Tikal National Park of Guatemala.


After the Mayan Civilisation, the focus was switched to China, at a new discovery site of excavation, the search for a forgotten Daoist Temple of Sung Dynasty, introverted into the molecule level of Daoism philosophy and understanding of the Universe.


All the conflicts and fractions in the story, between man and man, men and aliens, and among aliens themselves came to an explosive confrontation in Tokyo’s new “Golden Alligator” Theatre, when men and aliens performed together on stage of the musical “Fairy Tale of the Golden Alligator.”


This story called for a massive ensemble cast of all ages, all genres, and different nationalities; plus living aliens among the humans, and with the AIs created by them.


But no matter how complex the story was, how diversified the characters were, it could be scooped up by one logline, and that is:


“When Harry Potter Meets X – File!”


You heard it right! Just imagine, when the world of the Magic and the World of Outer Space Beings collided together, an extra-terrestrial firework bounded to explode up!


Can’t wait to find out? Click the button and start reading!

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