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Image by Moiz K. Malik




Haruhana procrastinated in facing the Crystal Crocodile after she returned to Tokyo with the inner crystal decoction of Gerald Crabbe in her possession.

Now every other issue regarding her theatrical production had been taken care of, she felt obliged to talk to the Crocodile.


The lantern that imprisoned it was covered by an embroidered sachet. She opened the bag, and immediately noticed the change to its appearance, its crystal was now filled with gold flakes and nuggets.


It requested her to give it Gerald Crabbe’s crystal inner decoction. She said only after the run of the show ended, that would be weeks later.

It was angry and the gold flakes and nuggets inside the crystal increased in number.


She recited the 20 poems that depicted their love story to it. It was not satisfied and wanted a revision.

She changed the title of the play from 'The Legend of The Golden Ripple Fairy' to 'The Legend of The Golden Crocodile.'

Also changed was the name of the theatre from 'Theatre Asakusa' to 'Theatre Golden Crocodile.'


But, in the end, it realized that she had no idea how to unlock the lantern, which means it could be imprisoned forever. It got so angry that it extended itself 10 times in size and blown itself into thousands of gold dusts.

The lantern became elastic and bubbled up too but did not blow up, and maintained the confinement. The gold dust condensed back to the golden crocodile again.


Witnessing such violence and raw power, she immediately wrapped the sachet around the lantern and locked it up in a strong box.



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