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Sichuan, China 

6.1   Time: 2 days before the Tikal Ball Game

         Locale: In Sichuan, China - Sanxingdui


Dr. Hennessy Law and the Laboratory


Dr. Hennessy Law, the most celebrated scholar of Geology and Mineralogy in China, about one and a half years ago, launched an ambitious project -- to re-chart the entire high plateau of the north-western territory.

But one year through the vast project, Dr. Law dropped out of the public eyes.

According to Tokyo Sensei's information, Dr. Law was secretly building a underground palace to house some treasure he had found through the actual field exploration, and the location of the underground palace was very close to Sanxingdui -- the ancient Chinese civilization site in Sichuan, China.


When Cassandra was taken away from her mother Dr. Catherine Denver at the Paris museum, Catherine send several e-mails to the father Hennessy Law too, unfortunately the message sent to his old address in Beijing University.


By chance he had accessed the e-mail, he contacted his estranged wife, but she was on her way to meet Mayee Tang and Melanie De Baux in Guatemala City. Nevertheless, he flew over to Paris and checked the situation with the museum.


Believing he had done all he could to help his daughter and wife, now he could only wait for them to contact him. So, he returned to Sichuan China and took up again the responsibility of setting up a high-tech laboratory.


Contrary to Tokyo Sensei's information, Dr. Law was not building any underground palace. The fact was that he obtained some ancient Chinese record and was at the brink of discover a forgotten Song dynasty Taoist Temple buried underground. The new Laboratory was set up right at a small mountain top which was the entrance to the hidden temple. He was just about to announce this archaeological excavation to the public.


Alfonse De Baux was in fact with him on this project, Alfonse was in charge of the funding for all high-tech equipment needed for the excavation. He was urgently requested to return to the Laboratory, and that was the reason for his sudden disappearance.


In the laboratory, the first thing Alfonse reported to Dr. Law was that a medium stone slab was found by their assistant Alice Mak the day before. The survey probe showed an object along a small cracked passage near the entrance. Alice was able to craw in and carried that object out.


They examined this stone slab, Dr. Law further discovered that it was actually a stone 'container' and it contained a large piece of white jade, which he suspected it was the famous He Shi Bi (和氏璧)。They put it in a strongbox in a closed room.


A while later, they wanted to further study it, but it had disappeared.

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