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chapter I




Time: Late Summer.

Locale: Musée Pellimét of Paris, France

Old Man Gerald Crabbe (老人解吉諾) let Rohardoon (洛哈同) to use a 'Newt Suit' (守宮衣) as an important equipment in order to accomplish an assignment.

This Newt Suit would empower the wearer to stick to any surface, it would also make the wearer invisible.

His assignment? To retrieve 2 pieces of artifacts from a 'Chinese Jade Exhibition' held at Musée Pellimét (巴黎裴聿美博物館) in Paris. One of the 2 pieces was a Chinese Cóng (琮), the other was an Amethyst Crystal .

Rohardoon discovered that there were 3 Ninja Warriors were also present in the museum attempting to get to the Amethyst Crystal.

The residential Archaeologist of the Museum, Dr. Catherine Denver (凱薩琳丹芙博士) became very suspicious of the Amethyst, because she believed that it was not mineral but organic.

Dr. Catherine's daughter, Cassandra Law (羅珊蒂), who was telepathic, seemed to have no problem of communicating with this mysterious organic Amethyst.

Because of the invisibility advantage, Rohardoon succeeded in his mission and was well on his way home via the escape route and means prepared for him by the Old Man - a horseshoe crab like aircraft on the roof top.

But right before it flying away, the Amethyst managed to abduct Cassandra.

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