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The Fantabulous Nanomorphique Adventure

of M Hardoon Rotman

[Previous Week Plot Review]

The two pieces the Old Man wanted Rohardoon to retrieve were a Jade Cong and an Amethyst. He climbed down from the dome ceiling, but just as he landed on the 3rd floor balcony, he immediately noticed something wasn’t right.


Through the dark glass wall, he saw the Security Chief of the museum was forced by two masked Japanese Ninja into the Electronic Control Room. They reactivated the freight elevator, cut off the basement security system, then tied up all three security staff.


Rohardoon realized the Ninjas were here for the same purpose as his! He accelerated his action…

[A Ninja holding a sword approaching]

[FOUR – A Ninja Holding a Sword Closing In]   (Week IV)

In the basement, Catherine wondered why the freight elevator was used at this hour! If the guard wanted to talk to her, they had keys to passenger elevators on the south end. She stood up and walked to the electronic pole entrance.

Suspiciously she peeked toward the north end from the walkway, but immediately noticed that all the surveillance lights on the poles were out! Which meant the security system has been turned off!

She tensed up and turned back. Totally startled she saw a Japanese Ninja in black robe with black cloth wrapped around the face was descending the steps into her office from the walkway on the opposite side. The Ninja was holding a samurai sword with shinning blade!


She ran to Cass, shielded her daughter and shouted: "Stop! Don't come near! What do you want?!"


The Ninja stopped, stood by the end of the long working table.

Cassandra whispered behind her: "Maman, they are here for the blinking eye…"

Catherine did not understand: "What blinking eye?"

"That crystal eye."


Catherine instinctively ran toward her desk, to get the amethyst first. Suddenly a sharp metal star flew over and cut into the wooden desktop next to the amethyst.

"Don't move!" A shout came from behind her.


Two more Ninjas appeared on this side of the walkway, wielding their samurai sword and slowly stepping into the office area.


Amidst this commotion, nobody noticed except Cassandra, the sound of opening and closing of the Fire Exit door at the far end.


Catharine’s first thought was to reach the crystal before these Ninjas could get to it, but Cassandra pulled and struggled her mother backwards, until they could hide themselves behind another desk.


Seeing the mother and daughter had retreated, all three Ninjas put their sword back into the sheath. The first Ninja bend forward to grab the trophy. But before that could happen, the amethyst instantaneously flew up, shot out of the office, and flung into the mosaic mural, then vanished completely.


[FIVE – “The figures in the painting are moving!”]


Of course, that was Rohardoon’s doing, he came out of the fire exit and raced down the walkway to the office area, just as he arrived at the mural, he saw the Ninja’s hand reached out for the amethyst.


Instantly he picked up the CONG from his chest and pointed it at the amethyst, the amethyst flew over and attached itself to the CONG as it was a magnet.


Rohadoon looked at the three Ninjas, the archaeologist, and her daughter, all of them were staring at mural with eyes wide open, trying to understand what had just happened!


Not obliged to offer them any explanation, he made a funny face to the little girl then turned around and ran toward the fire exit.


In a split second, as Rohardoon ran pass the mural again, all 3 ninjas and Catherine saw what happened in front of their eyes, collided head to head with their senses.


As their eyes delved into the mosaic mural in search of the dissolved amethyst, in a split second, all of them saw the figures in the mural began to move; at first Pious the 7th suddenly stood up, and sat down again, followed suit by Napoleon lowering the queen's crown on Josephine's head, then Josephine extended her neck to take the crown; behind her, her two ladies-in-waiting fanned out her crimson coronation mantle, tossed those little golden bees up in the air.


One of the Ninja exclaimed in Japanese: "The figures in the picture … are moving!"

[Continued on next week]

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