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Fantabulous   Narrations

An Illustrated Matrix of Narritives

Welkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Come in please, enjoy a variety  of 

stimulating experiences!

Fantabulous stories abound and await you here!


Stunning illustrations romancing the Characters!


Eventually, surprisingly, you, you find 'you' are the performer in the story!


And plenty of your friends too!


Excitement! Revelation! Satisfaction! Absolute entertaining!


Before you leave, take with you handful of our after-meal mint – 'Curiosity!'

And Visit us often!!!

Special Features

Film Pitching Log Lines    and   Plot Outlines are the 2 Special Features you will find here for all the novels that I developed and anchored on this Website: Fantabulous Narrations dot com.

*   A Surprise Extra: The  Pitching is complete with some Illustrations, Story Boards, and/or Concept Arts!
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Previews and Updates

The Fantabulous Nanomorphique Adventure of  M Hardoon Rotman

by  Author - PJ  Chuz

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Metropolis in turmoil

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Rohardoon's Fantatulous Adventure
Golden Lotus in the 25th Century


Li San Hwen - Opera Libretto of Emperor Qin Shihuang

Film Script - Confucius Disciples



Red, Green Assassins and the Silver Pillow

Chapter One -

Metropolis in Turmoil

Chapter Two - Metropolis in the 4th millennium

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Chn Vase Red.jpg

Beauties from the Golden Vase


Series stories


The Master of the World


Science Fictions



Fantabulous Nanomorphique adventure of m Hardoon rotman

Gerald Crabbe, the Oldman, was a nano-parasite from the outer space. Million years ago, while hitch-hiking a spaceship from a highly advanced civilisation, it landed on earth along with the crashed spaceship.

M Hardoon Rotman was a French Canadian living in Montreal.

Million years later, comes to the present, Hardoon Rotman (referred to in the story as Rohardoon) fell under the spell of the Oldman, and becomes a tool of searching for a symbiotic relationship between humans and the outer space parasite.


Kung-fu world




Yin Yang Heroes 3.1/2 Series

Beauties from the Golden Vase

The first chapter of this Series, Yin Yang Heroes 3.1/2, is “Beauties from the Golden Vase.” The story features 3 beautiful Heroine Kung-Fu Masters, and their counter parts, three Hero Kung-Fu Masters, set against the Imperial China’s corrupted country and societies of Mid-Ming Dynasty, circa 1550s.
Then, what are the ½ heroes? They are a Dog, named Big Yellow, and a Cat, named Copycat!


Cosmos Isolé   Series    – The Metropolis

Chapter I -

Metropolis in Turmoil

T.O. Story, A Chinese Legend

Cosmos Isolé Series - A singled out universe, in this series, one of the world’s metropolis will be put under a microscope, so its secretes could be scrutinized and exposed to the world.

The City of the First Chapter – Metropolis in Turmoil, is Toronto, and the story is about a Chinese God Father’s struggle against surging Vietnamese rivalry gangsters, his family’s wellbeing, and his own demon.


Short Stories


Red, Green Assassins and the Silver Pillow

Lady Kong Yu Lan, a Feudal Court Lady in the Mid-Ming Dynasty, circa 1550s, discovered a silver pillow that was transported to her time and space from the 25th Century Beijing.

Li  San  Hwen

- The Libretto of an Epic Opera about Qing Shihuang, the First Emperor of China, and his afterlife Army of Terracotta Warriors.


酈 山 魂

Drama of Dreams



Confucius Disciples

- A Film Script about a New York City music teacher, suspected of murdering his number one female student.

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